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Planctus Mariae - Sequentia

Planctus Mariae


 Barbara Thornton, voice
Laurie Monahan, voice
Guillemette Laurens, voice
Benjamin Bagby, voice
Edmund Brownless, voice
Eric Mentzel, voice
Richard Corbeil, voice
Stephen Grant, voice
Margriet Tindemans, fiddle
Sarah Cunningham, fiddle

recorded: Sept 6, 1986, Pieterskerk, Utrecht
[Holland Festival Early Music Utrecht 1986]

mp3 - bitrate: 256 kbps
source: webcast NPO Radio 4 (NL)

(01) Procession [13'40"]

anon (Jacopo da Todi?): Stabat mater dolorosa
anon (c1200): Virgini Mariae laudes
anon (c1220/30): Flete fideles animae
[Carmina Burana]

(02) Planctus Mariae [32'34"]

anon: Planctus Mariae
[ms Cividale CI]
anon (14th C): Stabat iuxta Christi crucem
[Codex Las Huelgas]

(03) Visitatio sepulchri [25'41"]

anon (14th C): Visitatio sepulchri (I)
[ms Cividale CI]
Si vis vera frui luce

(04) Maria Magdalena/Christ [08'34"]

anon (14th C): Visitatio sepulchri (II)
[ms Braunschweig Ar. VII B 203]
anon (c1200): Quis tibi Christe meritas

(05) St Peter/St John [03'28"]

anon (14th C): Visitatio sepulchri (III)
[ms Braunschweig Ar. VII B 203]

(06) Final [19'23"]

anon (c1200): Sedit angelus/Crucifixum in carne
plainchant: Te Deum laudamus

N.B. The vocal items are interspersed by instrumental music which is not specified in the programme. It is probably improvised on the basis of medieval models.



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