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Lassus: I Trionfi - Huelgas Ensemble

Orlandus LASSUS
(c1530 - 1594)

I Trionfi

Huelgas Ensemble


recorded: Sept 1, 2013, Cathedral, Utrecht
[Festival Early Music Utrecht 2013]

period instruments
mp3 - bitrate: 256 kbps
source: Radio 4 (NL) (podcast)

Even into the 17th century, I Trionfi was Francesco Petrarca's most popular work in Italian. In I Trionfi dreams and visions are combined with commentary and personal reflections referring to the inhabitants of Antiquity: Homer, Plato, Virgil, Ovid and numerous mythological figures. It was not Lassus' intention to reflect the full intent and implications of Petrarch's cycle. Rather, he choose texts that inspired him, and which spoke to his poetic imagination: flux, dream, farewell, longing for youth, joy and ceremonious fame.
The five Latin texts in the musical cycle were penned by Lassus himself. A wizard with words, Lassus wrote elegiac texts that fit perfectly to the humanistic style and Antique reminiscences of the Trionfi.

(01) Trionfo d'amore [08'12"]

 Al tempo che rinova i mie' sospiri
Amor che ved'ogni pensier aperto

(02) Trionfo della Pudicizia [09'54"]

In religione homo vivit
Quando ad un giogo
S'una fede amorosa

(03) Trionfo della Morte [09'58"]

Miser chi speme
Pulvis et umbra sumus
Quanta invidia ti porto

(04) Trionfo della Fama [05'07"]

Nectar et ambrosiam
Io non sapea da tal vista

(05) Trionfo del Tempo [11'08"]

Che più d'un giorno è la vita mortale?
Un dubbio iberno
Omnia tempus

(06) Trionfo dell'Eternità [12'51"]

Canzon la doglia e'l pianto
Da poi che sotto'l ciel
Quo properas, facunde nepos Atlantis?




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