Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dona nobis pacem - Huelgas Ensemble

Dona nobis pacem
Masses from the choirbooks of Petrus Alamire

Huelgas Ensemble

recorded: August 19, 2015, St Pauluskerk, Antwerp
[Laus Polyphoniae 2015]

lossless (flac)
source: Klara (B) (digital radio)
recorded with harddisc recorder Oct 6, 2015

N.B. A studio recording of this programme has been released on the label Cypress.

anon (c1500)
Missa sex vocum n'avez point veu:
(01) Sanctus [06'25"]
(02) Agnus Dei [03'39"]

Nicolas CHAMPION (c1475-1533)
Missa de sancta maria magdalena a 5:
(03) Sanctus [06'46"]
(04) Agnus Dei [04'08"]

Johannes STICHELER (fl c1500)
Missa se j'avoye porpoin de veleur a 6:
(05) Sanctus [07'08"]
(06) Agnus Dei [04'03"]

Robert DE FÉVIN (fl 1500-1515)
Missa quattuor vocum supra la sol mi fa re:
(07) Sanctus [06'35"]
(08) Agnus Dei [05'39"]

Mathurin FORESTIER (fl 1500-1515):
Missa quinque vocum supra baises moy:
(09) Sanctus [06'52"]
(10) Agnus Dei [05'08"]

JOSQUIN DESPREZ (c1450-1521):
Missa Malheur me bat a 4-6
(11) Sanctus [10'48"]
(12) Agnus Dei [08'44"]





  1. I am going to listen to this concert this evening, THANKS!

  2. I have nothing but admiration for your meticulous treatment of these uploads. It is wonderful, in the first place, to be able to listen to a splendid performance of this repertoire – I am quite old, and when I was young music of this period, even in dreadful recordings, was almost impossible to come by, not to mention to get scores of!
    But it is your meticulous documentation that I really admire. You clearly care very much about the music, and I am very grateful to you for all the work that you put into these uploads.

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