Sunday, 19 March 2017

Rolle: Der leidende Jesus - Hermann Max

Johann Heinrich ROLLE
(1716 - 1785)

Der leidende Jesus
oratorio in 2 parts

Barbara Schlick, soprano
Mechthild Georg, mezzo-soprano
Hans Jörg Mammel, tenor
Bernhard Scheffel, tenor
Klaus Mertens, bass

Rheinische Kantorei
Das Kleine Konzert


recorded: Sept 27, 1996, Basilika, Knechtsteden
[Festliche Tage alter Musik Knechtsteden 1996]

period instruments
lossless (flac)
source: WDR3 (Cologne)
recorded with videorecorder

Several oratorios by Rolle as recorded by Hermann Max have been released on CD. Unfortunately Der leidende Jesus is not one of them. Despite a slight disturbance in one of the recitatives - for which I apologize - I have decided to upload this nice work, as part of my series of postings with music for Passiontide.

(01) Part 1 [40'21"]

(02) Part 2 [40'00"]



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